Body Treatments

Zenbar - Luxury Day Spa in Oakville, ON

We offer a range of luxury body treatments designed to relax and detoxify. Our healing space is designed to provide a quiet retreat for the body and mind.

Body & Scalp Ritual | Thermal Detox Cellulite Body Wrap
LPG Endermologie Treatment | Aromatherapy Foot & Scalp Massage

  • Body & Scalp Ritual


    (60 min) | $149.00

    Intense exfoliation removes dead skin and prepares the body for deep penetration of active ingredients. Targeted areas are covered in a warm detoxifying mud and the body is wrapped in a heated infrared blanket. After a warm refreshing shower, we begin a cellulite-targeted massage using specific essential oil blends. We complete the experience with a full body massage and a detox tea in our lounge.

  • Body & Scalp Ritual


    (40 min) With RMT | $169.00
    (40 min) Non RMT | $149.00
    (40 min) Intro Session | $69.00
    10 Pack Non RMT | $999.00
    Description: Our LPG Endermologie machine provides a mechanical massage therapy that can be customized to suit many unique massage requirements. The medical settings include lymph drainage, sports injury, circulation and water retention.

    Endermologie is also know for its ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite through mechanical massaging, rolling and the manipulation of tissue. It is a pain-free procedure that increases circulation which subsequently boosts the fat release process “Lipolysys”.