Body Treatments

Zenbar - Luxury Day Spa in Oakville, ON

We offer a range of luxury body treatments designed to relax and detoxify. Our healing space is designed to provide a quiet retreat for the body and mind.

Hot Jade Stone Relaxation Massage | Body & Scalp Ritual | Thermal Detox Cellulite Body Wrap
LPG Endermologie Treatment | Aromatherapy Foot & Scalp Massage

  • Jade Stone Massage_3

    Hot Jade Stone Relaxation Massage

    (60 min) | $99.00

    On Special for $99.00 - Regular $149.00

    This hot stone massage takes place on a thermal Jade Bed, using Far Infrared heat to penetrate the muscles and tissues. Combining a relaxation massage with heated Jade stones, this treatment supports stress relief and detoxifying ion benefits. 

    **This is not a registered treatment. No insurance receipt provided. 

  • Body and scalp ritual

    Body & Scalp Ritual

    (60 min) | $119.00

    Relax under a heated blanket as we exfoliate your body, head to toe, to remove dead skin cells. A relaxing, moisturizing massage, then finishing your treatment with a scalp massage using aromatherapy oils. An hour of bliss.

  • Thermal Detox Cellulite Body Wrap at Zenbar - Best Spa Oakville


    (60 min) | $149.00

    Intense exfoliation removes dead skin and prepares the body for deep penetration of active ingredients. Targeted areas are covered in a warm detoxifying mud and the body is wrapped in a heated infrared blanket. After a warm refreshing shower, we begin a cellulite-targeted massage using specific essential oil blends. We complete the experience with a full body massage and a detox tea in our lounge.

  • LPG Endermologie Treatment at Zenbar - Day Spa Oakville


    (40 min) Intro Session | $69.00
    (40 min) Non RMT | $149.00
    (40 min) With RMT | $169.00
    10 Pack Non RMT | $999.00

    Endermologie is also know for its ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite through mechanical massaging, rolling and the manipulation of tissue. It is a pain-free procedure that increases circulation which subsequently boosts the fat release process “Lipolysys”.

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  • registered-massage-therapy-service


    (60 min) | $119.00

    This treatment combines a foot massage and an aromatherapy scalp massage into one decadent treatment. This is an excellent choice for a body in need of rest and replenishment.